Randy Ginn

We just took delivery of our custom built Tige R20. The boat is gorgeous and the compliments come flying in when out on the lake. The quality is terrific, the interior choices turned out awesome and the stereo is ridiculous! If you are thinking of a new boat, think Tige.

John Lawiel

Our 2019 Tige R20 was chose as an all around, do everything well boat for us. It needed to be beautiful on the water, sized right for our family, and of very high quality to last many years. The factory tour was outstanding and the factory team and sales staff exceeded all expectations. We could not be happier with our decision to join the Tige family and enjoy our new boat for years to come. The dealer support at Heinen's Motorsports in Osseo, MN was also outstanding.

Justin Murry

We have had our Tige for a year now and we could not be happier with the boat. It has all the performance we need and looks amazing on the lake. I have had friends that has surfed other wakeboats that cost plenty more and they could not believe how good the stock wake was to surf. Our dealership, Performance Marine Watersports on Lake of the Ozarks is amazing and I will only do business with them moving forward. My current boat is a Tige and so will my next boat!!

Tom Kreuter

Picked up a new Tige R20 from Heinen's Motorsports in Osseo, MN. Overall a great experience. Busiest time of year to be buying a boat in MN (early spring) and they never missed a deadline. The Tige R20 looks, runs, and surfs, and skis, and tubes, and wakeboards, and barefoots, and cruises, better than expected. Nice job Tige!!!!

Michael Hogan

Tige boats are where it’s at. Cutting edge technology creates the perfect wave. The future of water sports is wakesurfing. It was skiing then wake boarding now it’s wakesurfing. Tige boats create the best wave at the most reasonable price. Quality handmade boats built by real people in Texas! Excellent dealer network(my dealer is the best, yours will be great but not as good as mine). It’s a big purchase and can be intimidating but if you do your research the only choice is Tige!


Let's Ride.

If you think Tige's are impressive online, wait until you see one on the water.

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