May 01, 2017

ABILENE, TX –Tige Boats RZX2 has been honored as the 2017 Boating Industry’s Top Product. The Boating Industry’s Top Product is not an award taken lightly — it’s the top honor from the #1 voice of marine industry professionals. Hundreds of products try, but it takes true innovation to take home the hardware.

The RZX2 flexes a list of features that has the most complete, versatile and forward thinking capability ever to be offered in a wake boat. Boasting the largest and most intuitive touch screen, a standard Electric Power Tower, the ultimate versatility with TAPS 3 and intelligent Smart Wheel controls, the RZX2 is truly a *complete* innovation. The Tige RZX2 didn’t just win the award of Boating Industry’s Top Product — it clearly deserves it.


Exclusive to the Tige RZX, the 10.6” Tige CLEAR is the next-generation of on-board technology and is sure to elevate everything about your watersports experience. The extra large, tablet style control center is first to market and is in line with the latest in luxury automotive touch screen concepts. Tige CLEAR also boasts the most surface area of any touch screen in the marketplace and a contrast ratio specifically designed to outshine the midday sun. The CLEAR user interface is all about simplicity and customization while providing all the necessary functionality. The fully customizable screen allows you to define your Tige CLEAR experience, and placement of all commonly used boat operations are easily accessible within seconds.


Fully functional steering wheel controls enhance the usability and function of the Tige CLEAR touch control center. As if the screen wasn’t easy enough. Intelligent controls on your steering wheel assure that any function your desire is within one touch. Also innovative within the wheel is the favorites feature, which allows you to select a favorite boat action and favorite screen preference and make it only one touch away.


The new Alpha E2 Power Tower packs form and function into a little space. The Alpha E2 Tower lowers by electronic actuator to windshield height, making it effortless to stow, tow, or go. It is solid, silent, smooth-- and all within 7 seconds.

The Alpha E2 Powered Tower is just as durable as it is beautiful. Rigorously tested using Finite Element Analysis and crafted with custom aluminum extrusions, cast components and Delrin plastic fittings, the Alpha E2 Tower has been precisely engineered for unprecedented strength and reliability, all by using the most simple and advanced mechanisms. By lowering forward on a single hinge point, the Alpha E2 Tower is self-supported and is reinforced with its base design. Utilizing an electric actuator with integral braking systems, the Alpha E2 Tower is designed to sustain over 3,000 lbs of holding force.

The Alpha E2 makes the innovates convenience if you have to go under bridges, lower your tower to get the boat on a lift, or travel in the collapsed position for optimum efficiency.


A first of its kind, the all-new surf boat holsters create addition storage for your boards. Found in the transom area storage lockers, the holsters are designed into the liner of the boat to allow for a specific location for boards and allow the rest of the storage areas to be used for exactly that, more storage.


Surfers, wakeboarders, skiers, and passersby will all be impressed with the RZX2 thanks to a combination of the refined Convex V Hull & TAPS 3 system. This boat has made crossing over all sport disciplines easier than ever. And with the refinements on the hull, the RZX2 also offers a high-level skiing capability that has never been able to be offered in the “big boat” sector of inboards.

TAPS 3 conquers the demands of convenience and quality. The center plate (the original TAPS system), gives you precise control over running attitude, planing, and maneuverability, as well as wake shape control for wakeboarding and waterskiing. When you’re ready to wakesurf, the outer plates will engage to create the list, yaw, and draw that generates the most powerful surf wave you will ever experience.

All three TAPS 3 plates will get in on the action and serve as a list enhancement device while wakesurfing. TAPS 3 will shift the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position. When TAPS 3 is engaged, it places your Tige into an optimum degree of yaw. This allows water to asymmetrically release off of the sides of the boat, channeling the power to your surf side. As your boat is both listed and put into a yaw, the power of the Convex V Hull and the Coanda Effect is enhanced. The hull then draws deeper into the water making the sweet spot even sweeter.

Other notable standard features include Indmar Raptor Series, transform seating, 3,000 pounds of subfloor ballast, RearView Camera, and the Tige 5 Warranty. Though some of the innovations found on the Tige RZX2 have been offered in single applications, never before has a feature set this modern been offered in a single boat to create a whole new level of complete innovation.


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