The 2023 Tigé

Length: 20' (6.1m)

Seating: 13

Storage: 85.75 ft³ (2.43 m³)

The 2023 20RZX.

Confidence comes from many factors, but it comes alive in the 20RZX. Sleek yet spacious styling, the 20RZX boasts the deepest freeboard, the widest beam and more storage than any boat in the 20-foot segment. It’s big on style and big on surf performance, staying true to Tige design.

Design Yours
20' (6.1 m)
Boat Beam
102″ (259 cm)
4975 lb (2257 kg)
3000 lb (1360.78 kg)
Fuel Capacity
46 gal (174 l)
29″ (74 cm)
85.75 ft³ (2.43 m³)

Key Standard Features


Just push ‘GO’ and TAPS 3T will show you a new level of surf and wake performance.

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Convex V Hull

The patented Convex V Hull allows Tige's to produce a wake superior to all other inboards.

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Tige Clear

The next-generation of on-board technology that's sure to elevate everything about your experience in a Tige.

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Raptor Series By Indmar

More power, more torque and better fuel economy than any other engine on the market.

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Alpha E3 Tower

Precision has never been this powerful in engineering, strength, and design.

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Audison Pro-Audio System

Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll with our all-new Audison Pro-Audio System.

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2023 Virtual Experience | 20RZX Overview
2023 Virtual Experience | 20RZX Helm
2023 Virtual Experience | 20RZX Interior
2023 Virtual Experience | 20RZX Storage

Josh Kerr (Professional Surfer)

The 20RZX is on a whole other level. It has such a deep hull, it's wide, and it has heaps of storage, which allows plenty of room for my family. It throws a beautiful wave, the right and left side are so powerful... it's just insane.

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